Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020
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From Pageantry to Movie Stardom: 5 Stars that prove, good looks play a part in Showbiz

They say good looks are the secret to getting ahead in the entertainment industry. You either have a beautiful face or a banging body. Talent is an important factor too, but severally good looking stars have gotten ahead. On another note, when it comes to talent, there are a few people that have gone from being involved in beauty pageants or the Mr. Nigeria competitions to being really famous actors.

We bring you a countdown of our favorite stars that started by getting involved in pageants, they also prove that good looks  play a part in success.

5. Stephanie Okereke:

She was the runner up of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in 2002, but Nollywood came calling. Stephanie has been in impressive film after impressive film. She crowned her stay in Nollywood by writing, directing and producing one of the best films of 2015 “Dry”

4. Kenneth Okolie:

Kenneth Okolie was Mr. Nigeria in 2010. Kenneth is a great actor. One of our best to move from Mr. Nigeria to an impressive actor. Most of the others bother themselves with being the eye candy in every film but Kenneth is beyond that. He is doing exceptionally well and we love him.

3. Alex Ekubo:

Alex Ekubo was the first runner up of Mr. Nigeria in 2010. While Alex has continued to act in stereotypical roles, he is beginning to break the jinx and get involved in more challenging films. Alex Ekubo has a great sense of humor and he is a very lovable actor. His sense of humor is very interesting, and we cannot wait to watch him in bigger stories.

2. Anna Banner:

Anna won Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 2012 before trying acting with the Super Story series “Too Blind to See”, we can’t say she was exceptional but it was a good start and maybe, after school, she will take the acting more serious.

1. Bryan Okwara:

Nigeria 2007 featured in several films such as “ I will Take My Chances” and “Weekend Getaway” he was on a roll at the time, but as time passed, he continued acting in generic roles and sticking to the fine boy roles. No we hear little of him.


Regina Askia and IK Ogbonna  have also been in pageants, however, these acts makeup our top five. Have we missed out anyone? Tell us about it in the comments section.


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