Thursday, 9 Feb 2023
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#FlashBackFriday: 7 of the Best Super stories by WAP TV to hit our screen

There was a time Wale Adenuga’s production was on top! From This Life to Super Story, he had some of the best writers and made many of the stars we know today super famous, from Kehinde Bankole, to Sola Sobowale and then Gabriel Afolayan. They all had their time on his programs and they capitalized on it to be super stars. The theme song “this is Super story” was the start to everything, every Thursday at 8 PM the song comes on and families sit to enjoy what a new episode of Super Story has for them. Super Story was there to educate, it took important problems from society to make important programs, from rape, to infidelity, prostitution, lack of education, poverty, neglect and so much more. There was always something to learn. And the writers were so, so good. They made memorable stories we still appreciate. Super Story is still on but people are not demanding it as they used to.

This is a countdown of our best Super Stories to hit the screen.

  1. Oh Father, Oh Daughter: With special focus on a father’s neglect of his family due to lust, “Oh Father, Oh Daughter” is unforgettable! Sola Sobowale was the famous Toyin Tomato, people still refer to her with the name. She was the money hungry, tongue lashing mistress that breaks up a family and ends up making the man regret his actions. The Super Story had a lot to teach about greed and lust.
  2. Sister Sister: The most emotional Super Story of them all is Sister Sister. The bond between the two sisters is unforgettable and highly memorable. Taiwo and Kehinde Oshadipe played sisters that picked sides between their separated parents and along the way they grow into different lives and it causes a lot of problems for them. They have to deal with betrayal, love and death. It was painful to watch but there were so many lessons to it.
  3. The God’s are not to Blame: There are people that will not read a book but they will watch it being performed. Wale Adenuga adapts Ola Rotimi’s highly commendable book to screen and he does a very good job with it. This was the talk of town because WAP Productions did a fantastic job with the work. It sparked several conversations about the role of fate in the life of man and if we had the opportunity we will have this back on our screen.
  4. Nnnena- Gift of Love: Nnenna is really the gift of love. Gabriel Afolayan plays Aki in this one. The story revolves around a young intelligent girl, Nnenna, she is killed by her father’s bosom friend, Mr Williki. Her Ghost returns to hunt Mr Williki but she meets a struggling Aki. Aki is struggling at school and his parents do not have the patience for this. His friendship with Nnenna helps him drastically improve but he eventually learns that she is a ghost.
  5. The Grasscutter: Kehinde Bankole is Eno here. Dr. Gunwa is in the habit of sleeping with his students and Eno is a hardworking student, any man that sleeps with her dies after some days, Mr Gunwa insists and after the act, he has just a few days to live. He travels to the village to revise this but he still dies from a snake bite. The snake was supposed to be used to revise the ritual. It was a warning to people in high places that try, by all means to take advantage of people under them. “Grasscutter” was highly valuable.
  6. More than a Friend: Mercy is given the opportunity to stay and be groomed by her richer friend’s family but she uses the opportunity to start an affair with her friend’s father. She decides to steal everything the man and his family have and abscond with her boyfriend but his daughter and the mother are fast enough to get her. More than a Friend focuses on friendship and betrayal and we appreciate it.
  7. Somebody to Love: Another one with Gabriel Afolayan, he plays Jimi in this one. He falls in love with his mother’s best friend. The love is forbidden but somehow they end up together. At the time, it was pitched as a bad story to be on TV but Wale Adenuga was preaching that love wins and love does win at the end of Somebody to Love.

And a special mention on our list to the exotic, “Everything it takes”, it was purely fantastic and enjoyable. Lux sponsored it and as expected it had a lot to do with pageantry, girls and love. There was also the specially created “One Bad Apple.” And “Because you Loved me”

From the names of these Super Stories, you will get an idea of what they were all about, but the end was usually unexpected that was the thrill of it all. Which was your favorite?

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