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Dazzling Mirage

Director– Tunde Kelani
Writer– Olayinka Egbokhare with screenplay adaptation by Ade Solanke
Cast– Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju, Kunle Afolayan, Taiwo Ajayi Lycett, Seun Akindele, Yomi Fash Lanso, Carol King
and Bimbo Manuel
Time: 1:25:45
Year: 2014
Genre: Drama
Yes, yes, I was the selfish one that insisted in keeping you… Mummy Funmi
I had the privilege of attending the LAGOS premiere of Tunde Kelani’s ‘Dazzling Mirage’ last year and since it premieres tomorrow, I decided to post my review. “Dazzling Mirage” an adaption of a novel of the same name, focused on the plight of
a sickle-cell patient Funmi who’s only need was to live a normal life without being labeled a sickler.
Funmi played by Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju, was on point. It was good to see her on the screen as one could feel the discipline she has put herself through to get to this point. As a workaholic who didn’t want to be pitied and relegated to the background, nice. Her frame helped in adding to the believability of the plight. She came off as too desperate to prove her point that she could do
everything but I guess that was what was required and she pulled off her role well.
Soya, the indecisive mama’s boy also did a good job. While it felt like his mother was to blame for his indecision, there were parts of him that showed his true nature. I liked the way he took things in, soaking up information and refused to give in to jabs of his status with Funmi (that’s a man with a plan).
For Dotun and boss of Funmi, Kunle Afolayan, i would love to sugar coat it, but Lord knows I can’t! From sentences to body language, Kunle felt pretty calculated and flowed like a very reserved lover. Chemistry between Funmi and Dotun felt pretty awkward and strange. As a director he’s brilliant, as an actor, he doesn’t rock my boat.
I believe I am beginning to sound bias, or better still, people believe I am biased, always looking out for the veterans of the industry like a production would be nothing without them. And maybe I am, because the actors sell the movies, please remember that but having said, I am totally fine with a movie that has only the newbies, the veterans just seem to have a flair that I enjoy and can probably relate with. Anyway I digress. Ms Ajayi-Laycett, Bimbo Manuel and Carol King, I say kudos. My love for Carol King just double after this production as I was moved by her in the melt-down scene with her and her daughter. As a mother who took a risk despite all odds (I’m trying to avoid spoilers) I basically levitated to that and even had goose bumps.
Production quality was quite rich and clear, knowing that we watched it at the Muson center, the sound was impeccable. Costumes were on point, as Adebimpe Adebambo was on hand to delivered to the numerous costumes we saw in the production. I am glad that the industry is taking costumes seriously and hiring professional to do the job properly. Directing was pretty basic, with no major out of this world angles and after taking time to put this production together, it was well done. Being that it was an adaption, I was worried as to why we had a brigade of unnecessary scenes (film editor oh! We aren’t expecting the whole book). There was a marriage, pregnancy, a delivery and then a birthday party, why now!
Dazzling Mirage was commendable, I call on our various directors and producers to use their platforms as a means of creatively educating and informing the general public on the varying plight that affect the citizens of our nation.  Having said that, more adaptations are indeed welcome, I can’t emphasize that enough and this production earns a 5.5/10 from Xplorenollywood.
Dazzling Mirage premieres  in cinemas tomorrow 
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