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Daniel Oriahi returns with a romantic twist in ‘Love Lost’

Director: Daniel Oriahi
Story: Lani Aisida
Cast: Mary Lazarus, Ijeoma Grace Agu, Kelechi Udegbe, Anthony Monjaro, Chioma Chigurl Omeruah, Bisola Aiyeola
Run-time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Genre: Romance
Year: 2017

Written by Lani Aisida (Just Not Married), this is one film that took its time. The easygoing story-line, devoid of any stunts whatsoever, tells of a couple facing hard times. Lola (Ijeoma Grace Agu) and Tunji (Kelechi Udegbe) have a baby on the way but Tunji was still studying for his masters. He had no job and he had no money. The consequent ridicule and pressure (from his mother in law) might have been a phase but it got to him faster than a direct insult. His younger sister Rena (Mary Lazarus) was in-love with his best friend Bala (Anthony Monjaro) and all was set for their wedding. Suddenly things took a wrong turn when a long-forgotten baby mama showed up at Bala’s door.

The soundtrack was easy on the ears, not jarring nor sharp, and most scenes were absent of any background music. Thankfully that made room for really clear conversations. Scenes with displays of affection, which came towards the end, should have been backed with the right type of slow music. Aerial views were also impressive, especially at night (which is unusual). Chigurl Omeruah (Road to Yesterday) plays Lola’s mom and appeared on the scene at the right time for the needed comic relief. Her grandma goggles were the perfect match for her no-nonsense mother-in-law approach. Her disdain for Tunji and his lack of a job was well expressed, but her advice to her newly married and pregnant daughter to divorce him lacked any iota of reasonable logic. I mean, what God has joined together…

The costumes were fitting (more noticeably on Anthony Monjaro and Mary Lazarus) and were as good as the locations. It was easy to note the restaurant where Bala and Tunji hung out scarcely had any other customers. That was either an oversight or the cast was purposely kept to a handful. Directed by Daniel Oriahi (Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo), Love Lost isn’t anything for an adrenaline rush and takes 6/10 for its minimal side attractions and an unpredictable plot.

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