Thursday, 24 Sep 2020
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Comic Republic set Lagos agog with Comic and Gaming Convention!

Comic Republic, a Comic Book Start-up based in Nigeria hosted the biggest Comic Book and Gaming Convention known as ‘Comic Connect Africa’ as part of the Lagos Theatre Festival Activities in Lagos, Nigeria on March 4, 2017 at Freedom Park, Lagos.

The convention had speakers like CEO, Comic Republic, Jide Martin; PR and Communications Manager, Google West Africa, Taiwo Kola- Ogunlade; CEO, A2Hub, Adaora Mbelu-Dania; CEO, IC Studios, Ibrahim Ganiyu,  CEO, Peda Comics, Peter Daniel,  Business Country Manager Strikas Entertainment Nigeria Ltd Joyce Olagesin and Sebastian Loerscher an Illustrator and author from Berlin, leading a special panel session called Comic Connect Let’s Talk which was moderated by Eduvie Martin. The room was filled to capacity as eager art enthusiasts listened in to the discussions on the future of comic books, gaming, animation and many more in Africa as well as how to collaborate and distribute products in the creative art.

All the comic book publishing houses in Nigeria were present at the stalls to share art and comic books to the thousands in attendance. There was free wifi, free superhero Jollof rice, free VR sessions, free notebooks and free posters at the Comic Republic Stand.

Also on parade at the Convention was an awards night sponsored by Wakanow and Wacom and a first of its kind cosplay competition were a winner walked away with a grand prize of N200,000. There were free business consultations in a first of its kind Comic Cliniq where artists received one on one business counsel from lawyers, marketers, investors and illustrators.


Hosts of the convention, Comic Republic, provided free ‘Heroes as Icons’ classes on how to make comic books and thrive and Naija Game Evo provided a platform for gaming.

According to the CEO, Comic Republic, Jide Martin, “The company is passionate about the Comic Book Industry in Africa, hence the decision to host a gaming and comic book convention with an all free access pass. We want to use Comic Connect Africa annually to showcase the talent that Africa has in various art forms.”

“We want to influence and grow the comic book culture in Africa. If we cannot look up to our leaders for positive influence, perhaps our readers can look up to fictional icons created as heroes for good leadership qualities. They can be inspired by their stories too and well, if they are not easily inspired, we would have played our part to influence the literacy level in Africa by luring readers to read our comic books with great quality illustrations, inspirational words, great African scenery and some African History and culture,” he said further.

“Comic Republic ” is a Nigerian comic book character franchise that produces digital comic books to tell more compelling stories of Africa and her rich culture. Her stories are also present as the covers of 2 million student notebooks nationwide. You can find her stories on

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