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Bolanle Ninalowo defines the Picture Perfect acting we want in Nollywood!

Director: Tope Alake

Producer: Biodun Stephen

Cast: Bolanle Ninalowo, Mary Remmy Njoku, Bisola Aiyeola

Year: 2017

Many people out there have called him an imitation of “Jim Iyke” but Bolanale Ninalowo is dynamic. The suave talking and elegant actor has endured a comparison to Nollywood Icon, Jim Iyke. We can blame this on the fact that both are good actors, they have an accent that appears in every talking role and are good looking. Bolanle is however shaking these comparisons off and he is establishing himself as a leading man of his own. Ninalowo made his debut in 2010, took a break and returned to acting in 2014. He has featured in movies produced for the Rok channel and iRoko TV. His exciting performance in “Husbands of Lagos or his humorous interpretation of a loving husband in “Date Night” has given him a distinctive voice in Nollywood. In Biodun Stephen’s “Tiwa’s Baggage”, Bolanle plays the smart devil, it is another film that brought the actor to our attention. Watching him on “Picture Perfect” is an exceptional experience; he proves that an actor should always concentrate on self-development. It is not about featuring in every film but going after the role with a zeal that stir hearts and a zeal that contributes in making stories memorable.

In Picture Perfect we meet the posh tailor Kumbi (Mary Njoku), who is helped by a notorious area boy, Jobe (Bolanle Ninalowo), when her car breaks down in his hood. He saves her from his fellow thugs, watches over her car all night and is literally her knight in shining armour. Unfortunately, their brief friendship turns sour after she offers him just two thousand naira for all the stress he has been through for her. Jobe wouldn’t take the money, he finds it disrespectful and with this a new dimension is given to the topic of classism.

Biodun Stephen is known for producing and scripting the amazing 2015 box office hit “The Visit”. There is a special offering to the filmmaker. She makes stories that are not only relatable but are also unexpected. Films that sometimes inspire, other times they make us think, but the value of entertainment is always there. Biodun is exceptional, and she is marking herself as a force to be reckoned with. For all it is worth, Picture Perfect is an enjoyable film with good lessons to teach.

Every scene in this movie is remarkable. Biodun Stephen whips female gossip with street chatter to create remarkable dialogue. She creates an unexpected story that has marked Bolanle Ninalowo as one of the best actors presently enjoying a career high in Nollywood. This should score him more roles, and at the same time, his management needs to be careful. Typecasting is one thing we do not want to see Bolanle go through. In Nollywood, once an actor is good in a role, he is made to perform in the same role over and over again and we hope he escapes this. Mary Remmy-Njoku is another star, she is brilliant and of course, she is another reason to see the film.

Picture perfect is also Tope Alake’s visual perfection. Good acting, good visual, exceptional story makes this one a must watch. We predict this will soon show on iRoko TV and we will be looking out to see it again.

Picture Perfect earns an 8/10

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