Saturday, 16 Jan 2021

Blessing Egbe’s “The Ten Virgins” cost N40 Million to Produce!

On the 2nd of Auguts, Blessing Egbe will be releasing “The Ten Virgins”, the film that caused quite a stir after its trailer was released earlier this year. The Filmmaker whose last cinema production was”The Women” has said it took 40 Million Naira to make her new film.

In a short interview, during the premiere that held last week, Blessing says:

It is a high budget film. Over 40 million Naira has gone into the film. The cast is huge. We constructed a lot of the locations used. The costumes took a big chunk of our budget because we tried to do our best to be realistic. This is not to speak about the VFX/Special effects, music, and art direction that also gulped a great percentage. Likewise, the post-production process. We achieved what we set out to despite all the negatives that come with working under this clime

Blessing, who has directed the TV series, “Lekki Wives” and “She Drives me Nuts” also says the production is different from anything she has ever done. With mostly new faces being featured, Blessing is giving an opportunity to up and coming actors.

On why this differs, she says:

I would say ‘The Ten Virgins’ took my role as a director to a new level. The process even made me a better director and producer. I stretched my creative self to the max in the hope to achieve a worthy offering. I selected and worked with some of the best hands in the industry and it sure paid off. I worked tirelessly for many months for this film to happen. ‘The Ten Virgins’ is far different from anything I have done. The magnitude and scale of production are huge, the technical input and output for this are far better than the others,” she said.

Watch the trailer:

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