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Alan Poza

Director – Charles Novia
Written By- Charles Novia
Cast-  OC Ukeje, Okey Uzoeshi, Beverly Naya, Sylvya Oluchy, Belinda Effah  and Kemi Akindoju
Genre- ROmantic Comedy
Run time- 1:49:37

 I’m going to do everything within my power to crumble Miss horti torti, goody two shoes… Alan Poza.

I remember my brief twitter exchange with Charles Novia, during the publicity of this movie and it been a youth romantic comedy. I felt it shouldn’t be classified as youth as it could be watched by all but he went on to state the fact that Hollywood had teen movies, so why can’t it be a youth romantic comedy.

While majority of the characters in this movie were truly young, which covers the youth part, the romantic and the comedy aspects were, questionable.

While I was craving a movie of OC’s that, I would be totally crazy about, I can categorically say, it wasn’t Alan Poza. OC played the lead role as Alan Poza and let’s just say this wasn’t his best character. OC did not comes across as the smooth talking criminal womanizer, he was meant to portray he just didn’t bring it to this character and I’m not talking about just acting which he’s good at, but also researching into other characters Nigerian and foreign who have played such roles. I would like to add at this point, licking ones lips like LL Cool J doesn’t count as player status.

Now, to Pride played by Beverley I wasn’t completely sold on this role and I would tell you why. As a top media executive just back from the United Kingdom, Beverley wasn’t at par with her status. Her wardrobe wasn’t commendable, she wasn’t a power dresser,  her hair didn’t speak of her position and even when she spoke, it sounded, more like a recital and not like she was living her words. While her seductive looks got me some laughs, she wasn’t the powerful looking female boss that I had envisioned her to be.

Kokori played by Okey was probably the character with the most comedic scenes. As a friend to the player Alan,  he did strike me as not being able to play his cards right and I presume  that was what was expected from the character he was meant to portray. For Senami played by Sylvya Oluchy, I am trying to understand why she places emphasis on her words, stretching them with her mouth as well! The look isn’t flattering, It doesn’t mean she speaks properly or eloquently and what it ultimately does is makes her sound the same in whatever role she finds herself. Having said that, I would like to see her in a role were she’s required to speak pidgin english. 

 In terms of picture quality, Alan Poza was okay. Sound quality felt like lips didn’t move in sync with the words and sometimes felt hollow, but that could have been a function of the DVD I purchased. Director Charles Novia had his cameo performance which has come to be his style like Stan Lee and Marvel movies. But while the latter doesn’t do more than a minute and a couple of lines, Mr. Novia takes his roles to another level. Having 2 scenes of at least 3minutes each to them (One word, unnecessary). His lines were erm and I quote ” stop thinking of that arse and think of the cross, stop thinking of the booty call and start thinking of the alter call.” Quite entertaining.

While watching Alan Poza,  2 American movies came to mind, What Women Want (Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt) and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Martin Lawrence and Lynn Whitfield). As much as this movie had very similar characteristics with those mentioned, I do like the twist which came at the end which has spurred me to recommend this movie to you all at your own risk.

After watching Alan Poza, I appreciated the good that can come from having a social media platform such as twitter. Because truth be told, Alan Poza was all pose with nothing to the hype. 

 Alan Poza gets a 4.5/10 from Xplore.

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