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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch A Fool’s Paradise Starring Lilian Esoro

fools-paradiseFilms are made for entertainment but they are also made to educate. Sometimes we watch films to escape from our worries, other times, we just want to learn a lesson or two. A Fool’s Paradise offers us heartbreaking lessons about family, love, and trust.

It handles child abuse and neglect in an engaging manner:

Do you know what happens to your child when you leave the child with the nanny? How much attention do you give your child? Do you ever take the time to medically evaluate your domestic help? A couple Paul Sambo and Lilian Esoro ignore all of this and when they bring in a maid to their house, she abuses their child and they are too busy with the trouble in their relationship to notice that their daughter is being maltreated. They have a severely abused daughter and a broken relationship because of the involvement of a mentally unstable house help. Point, is before you employ someone that will directly be involved in your home; you have to do some background check. Very important!

It Features a Stellar Cast:

Lilian Esoro is the highlight of this project. She can be Nurse Abigail on Clinic Matters and she can also play the role of a submissive, jealous and sometimes confused woman. She rolls out a lot of emotions in this one; it is easy to love the actress and to root for her against a psychotic maid. Another spectacular actor in this project is the maid, Precious Nwafor, she was amazing; she must have had classes on how to be the perfect psychotic maid. She goes from being the lovely girl to the dangerous, catastrophic maid in 30 seconds. Highly commendable.

It has a generally commendable storyline:

We see friends’ influence play a role in the break-up of the lead couple. Paul Sambo also plays an emotionally distressed man that finds succour in another woman due to her mistrust. Ebele Okaro is also the mother in-law that adores her son’s fiancée and is ready to help them through their problems. The story tackles a lot of important issues subtly and it leaves a message with each action. It is more a social conscious film than a film made for the purpose of general entertainment.

Dialogue is Rich: There are no fillers in this one. Dialogue is not just there for dialogue sake, it gives us a handful of rich words that present the problem at hand. An emotionally distraught Sambo for example uses words to undermine his daughters’ feelings when she attempts to report the maid to her parents, his words silence her. Soon after her mother does the same and so she is unable to open up about the abuse she is suffering at the hand of the house help.

Sound is Great and so is Cinematography:

There is effort made with the sound and the cinematography and the filmmakers succeed.

Downside: the acting is great but Paul Sambo overdoes it on some occasions and instead of feel his pain, we laugh at him, because when he is crying and supposed to be relaying pain, he instead offers a humorous performance.

Verdict: It is a beautiful film that is worth your time and there is a message to back the purpose of the film too. You have to watch it!

Xplore rates A Fool’s Paradise with an 8/10



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