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6 Films that focus on Important Facts in our History and why you should check them out!

We usually don’t make biopics in Nollywood (probably cause it’s more lucrative to make the other genres). However, I think it is important for the industry to focus on its growth, storytelling  before we get into making biopics. There are some films that have touched important aspects of our countries past and it is important that we take note of them and acknowledge the filmmakers for the contribution in enlightening us.

The best part is that they are beautifully executed, have been reviewed here and are recent.

  1. 93 Days


The story takes inspiration from the life of Dr. Stella Adadevoh and the work she did in 93 Days. The film is a true story (rarely done) is genuine, is an incredible effort and I was really excited about watching it and I am glad I enjoyed it. The deadly ebola disease affected the whole of Nigeria. There were those of us that were affected physically and those that lived in fear, if you did not suffer the disease then you suffered the fear and so a film that presents aspects of this crisis and the work that went into ensuring it did not become an epidemic is a must watch.

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2. Half Of A Yellow Sun


A fictional adaptation of the civil war offered to us by Biyi Bandele does well to relay the tension, the deaths, the fear and the destruction caused by the 1967 Civil war that lasted for 3 years, we ended up with an overly edited version of the film due to problems with the National Censors Board but there is a lot of heart that went into this film. It gives people born much later an understanding of the suffering that happened during that period and I think it is a topic that should be explored more.

3. Invasion 1897


I love a cultural film and the Benin culture is one beautiful culture with a lot of history, that can make quiet a number of films. Lancelot Odua Imaseun does well in capturing this culture and he explores the deposition of Oba Ovonramwen of the Benin Empire by the British colonialists, why some of our artifacts are found in foreign lands as well as the tyranny that ran in our lands. I had no idea about this story but I did my research after watching this film and it holds some truth about the Benin culture and tradition.

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4. October 1

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Kunle Afolayan’s October 1 maybe a psychological thriller to many people but it also offers some enlightenment about Nigeria in the 1960’s. If you pay attention to the dialogue, you will understand the history of some of the western states in Nigeria including Ibadan and the tension between the major tribes of the time. It also involves an exploration of what it meant to be intelligent and the value of education at the time. Most of the privileges explored in October 1 are things we don’t enjoy today.

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5. Silent Tears


The only documentary on the list is a very important one. Isahaya Bako follows the problems faced by women in the North and he does a glorious job. A lot of truth is explored in this film and most especially the film is here to teach.

6. The Encounter

The Encounter poster

This shortfilm, gave us another side to the Civil War from a purely Ojukwu angle. Focusing on the last conversation between Ifeajuna and the Biafran Commander-in-Chief General Emeka. For me, I never knew of this aspect and I would like to say that it threw some major light on the mind of the Commander. After further research, turns out that the prisoner Ifeajuna won Nigeria its first Olympic gold and was also a character on our exercise books.

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These movies are definitely not all, the productions that have focus on important aspects in our countries history, but they struck a cord with me. If you have any to add please feel free to do so in the comment section.


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