Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020
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5 Actors that Obi Emelonye should consider for the role of Babangida in “Badamasi; Portrait of a General”

Obi Emelonye’s announcement that he was making a film inspired by General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida caused excitement on several social media platforms. It is something great and he made the announcement at a press conference which makes everything more exciting and worth applauding. The name of the film “Badamasi; Portrait of a General” makes us even more interested. It sounds like a biopic that we will pay any amount to watch and we cannot wait to watch this film. Casting the role of Babangida can be quite the headache for the director and the casting director considering the fact that there are many actors in the industry thriving so effortlessly to make their mark. Notwithstanding there are very few actors that will be able to capture this role, the anger, the varying emotions that will come with playing such a demanding role and we offer a few suggestions to the casting director;

Udoka Onyeka


Udoka is the new star that refuses to wither. He understands his job so well. This moment he is the perfect lover boy (When Love Happens) and the next he is danger (Tinsel, 5ive) and again he can be compassionate (No Good Turn). Udoka Onyeka is the new fire with rewarding flame, he is a talented actor and we think he will make a perfect Babangida. He has the body build a little make-up should add to that and to cap it all, his acting prowess never fails.

Ramsey Noah

Have y’all seen “76”? Ramsey is not here to prove himself, he has established himself and he continues to enjoy his screen appearances with great professionalism, he makes us eager to watch him again and again. Ramsey Noah will make a perfect Babangida if Udoka is not available.

Greg Ojefua

If he can play Ojukwu in “The Encounter” then he can totally take the role of Badamasi. Forget all the comedic roles he has been taking, he can do better and he was totally impressive in “The Encounter” and we would love to see him in this film because it promises to cause quite the stir and with a good actor the film will go very far. Greg Ojefua can be that flavour the story needs.

Kenneth Okwonkwo

Another talent that continues to thrive. Kenneth is a veteran that will spice up the role with his years of expertise. He has also proven to be an intelligent actor; it will be interesting to watch him portray the role from his own dimension.

Chidi Mokeme

Another impressive performer straight out of “76” is Chidi. Chidi performed so well he made us question why he is not presently taking more leading man roles. Chidi will be the most surprising actor to snag the role but we think he will give a wonderful performance and we think he is built to take such roles.

But hey, don’t be surprised if we end up having an unknown actor in the role, after all, the best talents are yet to be discovered and this list is just us wishing.

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