Saturday, 19 Sep 2020
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10 Reasons why you should watch #AMVCA2017 this Saturday!

The AMVCA is happening this Saturday!

It has carved a niche for itself as the most popular award show honoring film stars. We love the show for many different reasons but here is a count down of 10 reasons we think you should watch the show come Saturday.

10. Unpredictability

What you expect might not happen and that is the beauty of the AMVCA. Daniel K. Daniel shocked us all by taking the Best actor award at last year’s award. This year things can get really shocking. Let’s say the best Actress category where Rita Dominic or Bimbo Akintola is tipped to win, what if, Meg Otanwa takes the award for her impressive performance in “Derailed”? With the AMVCA’s you never know.

9. The Acceptance Speeches

Is this not the best part of the award, remember Blossom shaking uncontrollably and almost weeping on stage in 2015? What of Femi Jacob’s heartfelt speech to Rita Dominic. Okay, last year, Adesua Etomi, Lala Akindoju, Daniel K. Daniel were the highlights of the whole show because they all cried, they were shaking, while giving their acceptance speeches…can’t wait for this part!

8. This year’s nominees are a mix of New and Veteran Nollywood

The nominees are a combination of Veterans and rising talents. We have stars like Meg Otanwa, Somkhele Idhalama and Greg Ojefua, while veterans like Nkem Owoh, Bimbo Akintola, Ebele Okaro, RMD and Olu Jacobs are on the list. This year’s show will serve the right dose of inspiration.

7. The Long Overdue Actors Might be on Stage

Bimbo Akintola and Ramsey Noah both don’t have an AMVCA. Yes, shocking! This year they might just have a few things to tell us on stage. There is also RMD who lost to Blossom in 2015, we can’t imagine the cheers and applauds that will fill the room if he wins.

6. There would be Upsets

What if your favorite actor does not win? The one you have been voting for all day on WeChat. Are you going to rush to twitter for some attack sessions or are you going to plan to vote more next time? Well this is bound to happen; those we voted for and expect to win might not end up winners.

5. 76

The most anticipated film of 2016 has 14 nominations and it will be interesting to see if it shatters records come Saturday. How many will it take home, 7? 10? Or will it win in all the categories it is nominated? We can’t wait to see.

4. A Trip to Jamaica

Did this really take the place of “The Arbitration” or “The Wedding Party”? Well it is the rumor in town but c’mon the AMVCA nominates films that are popular and it is why it is the Viewer’s Choice Awards. We don’t expect a Trip to Jamaica to win awards come Saturday but a lot of people are waiting by their twitter handles to lash out just like they did when it got nominated.

3. Yinka Edwards

Nigeria’s best cinematographer is up against himself and others in the Best Cinematographer category. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see which film he wins for, is it going to be”76” or”93 days”? I personally can’t wait to watch this category.

2. Will the Recession affect style

We love the red carpet! Rita Dominic will be there. Somkhele Idhalama will be there and a host of other blazing fashion stars. Sometimes the red carpet ends up making up most of the discussion about the awards. We hope to enjoy fabulous styles and we hope that the situation in the country will not make our stars disappoint.

1. Common, It is the AMVCA’s

You have to watch because it is the AMVCA’S. What will you rather be doing? Watching a movie? Listening to music? You don’t want to miss the opportunity of watching all of your favorite stars in one room, you have to tune in. Let’s watch and come to a conclusion together.

And don’t forget there will be comedians’ joking about our president and the situation in the country.

What excites you most about watching the AMVCA, do well to share?


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