Sunday, 23 Sep 2018
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Watch Najite Dede & Zoe Favor in Lola Okusami ‘Gone Nine Months’!

Written by Lola Okusami, Gone Nine Months is a tragic story set around love, marriage and abuse. The short film marks Lola’s debut as a director and was produced by herself, Austin Lordlaz, and Ufuoma Idebe.

Set in early 1990s Nigeria, the film paints a portrait of a family slowly pulled apart by simmering tensions beneath the surface. Agnes (Najite Dede) desires professional growth, her husband (Olu Euba) expects his family to align in support of his vision of himself, and the children are caught in the crossfire of their parents’ dreams and their youthful exuberance.

This story will tell you what’s coming but not how severe it’d be, a severity magnified by a slow dispiriting soundtrack. The film builds up at a pace that makes it easy to discern the tension between the husband and wife, even before they converse. Agnes does well to paint the picture of a shakily submissive wife while her unloving husband maintains a steely disposure throughout.

Costumes (by Koko Eyo) were okay and the props (by Eno Bassey and Promise Agbor) were impressive. The sound score (by Dayo Thompson) synchronized with the visuals, and the original soundtrack (by Alessandro Mastroianni) – featuring Lola Okusami – may be downloaded here. The film was shot on location in Calabar by Lekan Olaoye and the hair/makeup was done by Abiodun Henshaw.

Gone Nine Months stars Najite Dede (Gidi Up – TV Series), Zoe Favour, Inimfon Iniama, Olu Euba, Elizabeth Offon-Mbuk, Cynthia Ekpe, Ekpe Essien, Anna Asuquo, and Riyo David.

Watch the video here.

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  1. Good day. I write to inquire of the possibility and moralities in having my film reviewed and published on your blog .the short film (Home) is a the true life account of Junior, a 6 year old boy who became a victim of neglect and abandonment due to parental fight. Junior summoned the courage to heed the advice of their errand occupied house maid but his first attempt becomes a regrettable tragedy.
    I’m lending a voice to the fight against child neglect and abandonment in Nigeria and the world at large through the film
    “Home” is written, produced ,directed and Edited by me and is to be premiered online on the 13th of August 2018.

    I ll appreciate a prompt revert to aid my preparations.

    Pls lend a voice .

    Thank you.

    Austine Lordlaz


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    1. Hello Austine, I have sent a mail to you. Just send us the link to the movie and we will get to it.

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